The UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring Project is committed to deliver meaningful clinical outputs in a real-time basis through our weekly report to clinicians and also through our web portal. 

As the leading national endeavour leading in the analysis of outcomes of cancer patients with COVID-19 infections, we are aiming for a streamlined project output pipeline. Data will be released in a timely but co-ordinated manner using the best clinicians/scientists/research expertise from anywhere in the UK/World. 

In addition to our real-time and major milestone updates, there will be a number of UKCCMP approved sub-projects which can run parallel to these outputs and driven by individuals. This is to minimise overlap, improve efficacy and ensure transparency.

The cancer community in the UK wants to ensure that all clinical questions are answered for cancer patients with COVID-19 infections. The UKCCMP will try and provide necessary support for sub-project requests. 

If you are involved in the project, including project committee, part of the COVID-19 UKCCMP Emergency Response Reporting Individuals (ERRI) or Local Emergency Response reporting group (LERRG) please feel free to log a UKCCMP sub-project. 

Please click the button below to enter the password protected webpage to find out more information. To get a password, please contact a member of the UKCCMP team. 

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